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Compassionate conservation is an interdisciplinary field promoting the treatment of all wildlife with respect, justice, and compassion. With the guiding principles of first, do no harm, individuals matter, inclusivity, and peaceful coexistence, compassionate conservation is forging a new path to enable positive human-wildlife interactions. Whether species are common or rare, whether native or not, and regardless of taxonomic distinction, all wildlife have intrinsic value and deserve compassion. Compassionate conservation offers a bold, inclusive, and forward-looking framework to promote a future whereby humans, wildlife, and nature can all flourish.



We are an international community of conservation professionals who affirm the intrinsic value of the living world - from individuals to ecosystems - and who work to promote coexistence and non-violence in conservation practice and policy. 

The Society’s aim is to enhance the study, practice and application of compassionate conservation approaches.

What is CC


The Board



Arian Wallach

Arian conducts research exploring how values shape the science and practice of conservation. By integrating animal ethics in ecological science, she aims to promote compassionate approcaches to challenges in conservation and farming. She holds a Furture Felowship at the School of Biology & Environmental Science, Queensland Unviersity of Technology, Australia.



Dror Ben Ami

Dror Ben-Ami is an ecologist and wildlife conservation biologist working on themes of human-wildlife coexistence and the integration of animal protection into conservation practice for improved conservation outcomes. Dror’s research includes peri-urban ecology, road ecology, the impact of commercial killing on the well-being of kangaroos, wolf biology and coexistence mechanisms between humans and kangaroos and wolves.  

Daniel Ramp.jpg

Daniel Ramp

Daniel Ramp is a conservation biologist with an interest in landscape ecology, behavioral ecology, road ecology, and wildlife-human interactions. At the core of his research lies an adoption of the principles of compassionate conservation, an expanding international discipline that promotes the wellbeing of individuals in environmental decision making. He is active in creating science that assists in policy change and his primary goal is to incentivise coexistence with wildlife in agricultural landscapes. Daniel is the Director of the UTS Centre for Compassionate Conservation in the TD School. With a long interest in marsupials from the family Macropodidae, Daniel was a co-founder of THINKK- the think tank for kangaroos, an academic forum that operated from 2010 - 2014 with the aim of fostering a greater understanding among Australians of kangaroos.  

Liv Biosketch.jpg

Liv Baker

Liv Baker is a conservation behaviorist and an expert in wild animal wellbeing. Her research focuses on animals as individuals; how individuals engage with their environments, and the roles wild animals have in the health of their social groups, cultures, and populations. Dr. Baker’s work explores the patterns of wellbeing and behavior seen across the animal kingdom; seeing that individuals want to learn about and hold sway over their lives, that good psychological health corresponds to good physical health, that social context matters, and that positive emotions and reasonable challenges are not luxuries, but integral elements to being alive. Dr. Baker’s conservation and wellbeing research involves a range of wild animals including, elephants, primates, arachnids, equids, rodents, and macropods. Dr. Baker is also interested in the wellbeing of farmed animals. She collaborates with farm animal sanctuaries to study animals of historically farmed species, outside of the sphere of industry. Dr. Baker has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Mount Holyoke College, USA; an MSc in Organismic and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA; and she earned her PhD in Animal Welfare Science and Applied Animal Biology from the University of British Columbia, Canada. In addition to teaching in the Animal Behavior and Conservation Program at Hunter College, USA she is the chairperson for PAN Works, USA an ethics think tank dedicated to animal wellbeing, director of the Compassionate Conservation Initiative, and research director with Mahouts Elephant Foundation, UK, with whom she has developed the program, the Compassionate 3 Rs of Conservation: Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Rewilding. Dr. Baker is also behavior advisor for Elephant Aid International’s integrative health team, as well as scientific advisor for the Whale Sanctuary Project. She is a past fellow with the Centre for Compassionate Conservation, University of Technology Sydney, Australia; and Centre for Animal Welfare and Ethics, University of Cambridge, UK. Research topics of Dr. Baker’s graduate students include the behavior of anthropogenically disturbed Eastern grey kangaroos, behavioral repertoires of socially-disrupted chimpanzees, intraspecific population differences of domesticated cats, foraging behavior of rewilded Asian elephants, social behaviors among rewilded horses, animal personality and impacts of ecotourism, and the effects of human visitors on the emotional valence of captive red kangaroos.

Ondine Sherman.png

Ondine Sherman

Ondine is the Co-founder and Managing Director of Voiceless, the animal protection institute.
She is the author of Vegan Living , Star (both 2020 Pantera Press), SnowSky (both 2019 Pantera Press) and The Miracle of Love (2013 Allen & Unwin).

Ondine is currently a PhD student at Sydney University. She is an Ambassador for Action for Dolphins and Director of conservation NGO, This is My Earth (TiME).  in 2011 and in 2009 was nominated as one of Australia’s top 10 Community Leaders by News Limited & Microsoft.

Ondine lives in Tel Aviv with her husband and three children. Her mischievous street cats, loyal dogs and ex-battery chickens all keep her extraordinarily entertained.


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